We offer sliding scale fees for self-pay clients and offenders referred to multiple group treatments.  Call us today: (303) 237-3599

Self-Pay Clients


Our staff is committed to long-term recovery and community safety through effective mental health treatments.  

We have over 80 years of combined experience dealing with co-occurring disorders and treating offenders.

We work with Probation Officers and Parole Supervisors to provide court-mandated interventions.        

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We now offer family counseling and are able to provide rehabilitation services to children.                                  Read More

We have recently been awarded contracts with: Colorado Department of Corrections, Denver Adult Parole Department and Denver Department of Human Services.


We have an approved, court-recognized sex offender program which emphasizes community safety. 

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A.B. Counseling, Inc.

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Monday - Thursday: 7 am - 8 pm

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Thanks to my treatment at A.B. Counseling, Inc., I was able to get mine and my children's life back and be safe while doing it.  I never thought I could have done it, but with the help of Alice Shoemaker and A.B. Counseling, I now know I can do anything."

- Anita, Denver CO

Call Us:  (303) 237-3599 

A.B. Counseling, Inc.

Direct-Pay Clients

We are a direct-pay service provider with the Colorado Department of Corrections and most Metro Denver Parole and Probation Departments. 

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