Helen Miller 


Helen Miller (she/her/hers pronouns) provides mental health services for individuals and groups at A.B. Counseling.  Helen is an Approved Treatment Provider with the Colorado Department of Corrections.  She has lived in Colorado for over 20 years after raising her family in Arizona.  Helen completed her undergraduate studies at Arizona State University and received a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Study (psychology & justice studies) degree in 1999.  She completed her Master's degree in psychology with the emphasis on forensic counseling from Regis University in Denver in 2004.  Additionally, Helen has two Master's Certificates of Study; one in Adult Learning, Training & Development from Regis in 2003; one in Geographic Information systems (GIS) crime-mapping from University of Denver in 2000, and is working on a third in Catholic Biblical Studies.  She also has doctoral work in Applied Statistics and Research Methods.   

Helen is trauma-informed and has experience with substance abuse, parenting, domestic violence, childhood education, sex offenses, impaired driver education, and adult education.  She is an advocate for professional development with training in areas such as cognitive behavioral therapy, Strategies for Self-Improvement and Change, Seeking Safety, and DVOMB and SOMB testing, among others.  Her areas of interest include art therapy, measurement and assessment instruments, and teletherapy.

Helen is currently pursuing the credentials of Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS) and Domestic Violence therapist.

Contact Helen:  Helen@ABCounselinginc.com

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