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The Parenting class at A.B. Counseling starts up again 10/19/2020.  The class is a 12-week treatment requirement for all clients in DV programs where a child or children were present at the time of the DV event. It may take the place of a second or third contact for the 12 weeks. Ask your counselor what a good start date for you might be!

The Parenting class will be held Monday evenings from 5:30pm to 7:00pm and is held online using Zoom technology. This class is co-ed and has revolving admissions. The cost of the class is $25 per week and requires a zero balance to receive the Zoom access code each week.  

Our parenting curriculum integrates parenting skills and parenthood issues that are critical for the treatment success of so many offenders. These concerns include child custody, children’s safety, parenting skills, single parenting, reunification, step-children, childcare, attachment, custody, visitation, Child Protection Services intervention, etc.

Why are you asked to participate in a Parenting class?  The Domestic Violence Offender Management Board (DVOMB) in Colorado has an extensive set of Standards that outline criteria for both a person's inclusion in DV treatment programs and the unique treatment plans created for individuals in treatment. The specific area in the Standards involving children is Domain I: Violence and/or threatened violence toward family members including child abuse.  

This does not mean you abused your child or children.  It means that a child or children were present during your offense or in the vicinity. This includes any children in the home or location of offense even if they were sleeping or were sent to their rooms. This includes the adults' perception that the children could not hear or see the offense. This includes incidents occurring in the front or back yard while children are inside the home. This includes children present in the parked car while parents argue outside the vehicle. It includes children present while an argument takes place in public or at the home of a friend or family member. And it includes all children under of age of 18 regardless of their relationship to the victim and offender. 

The Domestic Violence Screening Instrument (DVSI) used by Colorado’s First Responders was designed to assess the risk of repeated domestic violence in the future on the basis of information available at the time of a DV event. The DVSI identifies “children present during the offense or in the vicinity” as a factor in managing and predicting risk of future harm or lethality in domestic violence cases.  

The Parenting class is an optional 12-week service for people with pending cases, though the class requirements are the same for all participants.  
Interested parties who are not existing clients of A.B. Counseling need to make and attend an Intake appointment prior to being allowed into class.  

Group rules for teletherapy will be discussed in class and follow the same general rules of Netiquette and behavior as in-person groups.

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